Duplicate copies


If you have landed here on this page, then the odds are it’s because you ordered a first edition of my book but have unexpectedly received an extra second edition copy (better quality paper on the interior). And you’ve let me know, and I’ve sent you this link. And you clic.. OK, I’ll stop.

Firstly, let’s be absolutely clear: this is a mix-up at my end and that’s my responsibility. The extra copy is absolutely yours to keep, and no charge will be attempted whatsoever from my end.

Some people have offered to cover the P&P which I incurred, and others have offered (very generously) to pay for the extra copy – despite not having ordered it.

These offers are very much appreciated, and I’d be foolish to turn them down (self publishing is not cheap). So if you wish to make what amounts to a donation to support me, then I’m going to accept it and say thank you: no matter how big or how small.

You can donate via my PayPal page, here: https://www.paypal.me/SKZCartoons

P&P on each book costs £2.50

Each book (cost price, second edition) is about £3.60.

Each book retails (full price) at £10 (or £12.50 including P&P)

So: thank you, for any donations. And if you’d rather not donate (which is absolutely your right and totally understandable), then please do just enjoy the extra copy – and thank you for your support!